Sunday, January 24, 2010



Jaana and Kia said...

We wish last Sunday’s theme was letter P because it would have been a brilliant idea, LOL! The theme actually was “white”.
Have a happy new week ahead! :)

Jessica [] said...

How funny though that you both posted something with a P theme as well as the white! It's interesting when funny coincidences like that happen :)

Terry said...

I was going to guess white last week but I thought that was the theme from the week before! Great pictures either way! Love this week's pictures too! That snail is cool! :0)

Jaana and Kia said...

Jessica, we agree, it has been a nice coincidence.

Terry, you are right, "white" was the theme of the previous week as well. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice entries for this week also. You both are great photographers ;)
Have a nice week!
Love, Renee

Владимир said...

Right - nice photo!