Sunday, February 6, 2011

Light (mosaic of December's guest blogger theme)

1. Jaana 2. Kia 3. Rose Schaaf 4. Anthony Rigney 5. Joan in Australia 6. Tudy Cook 7. Terry 8. Eternity 9. Meryl Baer 10. Birgitt 11. Hannah Amiry in Geneva, Switzerland 12. Renee 13. Kat 14. Bettina 15. Rachel 16. Birgit 17. Ina / Rebelledejour 18. Kimerly Miller 19. Triton 20. Alicia Wilson 21. Dhila Backstrom 22. Anna Zuluaga 23. art-is-jokken 24. Simon Wallett


Jaana and Kia said...

Hi everyone! Because of the busy holiday season, we didn't have time to comment any of the "Light" photos from December's guest blogger month, so we decided to make it up to you now.

First of all, we want to thank once again all our guest bloggers. It was so wonderful to see in how many different ways the same theme can be interpreted. And that is what Happy Snappy is all about. It's not about who takes the best photo, but what the given theme "tells" us.

Most of you, like us, chose to interpret light as the sense of sight. We can see the inspiration of the holiday season in Birgit, Triton, Simon, Kat and Bettina's photos, while Ina and Renee's photo say "carnival" to us. Then there is the sun in nature, but all so different. Rachel, Birgitt, Hannah and Terry's photos show the sun shining through the leaves or behind trees, and Alicia, Anthony and Tudy's photos are of sun behind the clouds.

There is daylight in Meryl's photo as well, but it also tells us about the happy day of pumpkin picking. Same with Eternity's photo with the carved wooden hand holding a candle, a source of light. To us Joan's photo is about those shadows, which that piece of architecture creates in the sunlight.

Both Dhila's portrait of the play of shadow and light and Anna's festive lighted canopies include artificial source of light, as does most likely also Rose's photo of the waterdrops reflecting light on the CD disc.

Kimerly and art-is-jokken went for light as in weight. Kimerly with one of the lightest birds in the world and art-is-jokken with a bottle of Coca-Cola Light.

Very clever from all of you, we really, really enjoyed seeing everyone's photo!

We'd love to hear how you would interpret each theme that we post, so keep those comments coming, will you! :)

Have a happy (snappy) Sunday, we'll be back with our photos again next Sunday!

Terry said...

Thank you ladies! It really was nice to see all the "light" photos again! :0)

Rachel said...

I just wanted to say thank you again for hosting such a cool event on your blog, and for featuring one of my photos. It was so awesome to see everyone's photos in December. And for me, running a daily photo blog, sometimes taking a picture a day can seem like a chore, but having a theme really made me think about my photography for a few days while I played around with different ideas, so it was great to actually put some thought behind my compositions, which is what I love about photography to begin with.

shorecut said...

What a suprise... I am really happy to see all that amazing shots together again!!! And I am really looking for an other project like these! It was pretty fun for me.
Hugs & Kisses Shorecut

Dhila Backstrom said...

Absolutely wonderful recap! Thanks for letting me be a part of it. I guess to interpret light as in weight is pretty clever.