Sunday, September 13, 2009



Terry said...

Cool pictures! :0)

mikeacoyle said...

Hope you weren't driving at the time!

Amanda said...

Great shots! The truck looks a bit scarey, I hate driving beside trucks, they freak me out.

inger said...

..good photos..but i hope you are not driving and at the some time take the photo..wowow..hugz inger

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I have many unintentional motion photos when I don't take my time. *lol*

gery said...

you have very awesome pics.
What model camera are you using. For motion photography What aperture, and shutter speed are using?
Your blog is marvelous. I too started a blog, but didn't post any photos out there. I want some tips. If u r interested mail me.
This is my mail ID. I'm gery from India.

Jaana and Kia said...

Thank you for stopping by, Gery! Here are the camera settings we used for our 'Motion' images:

1/10 sec
ISO 100
Canon EOS 450D

2 sec
ISO 100
Pentax K-m

Greetings from Finland and Scotland to India!