Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mystery Week II


Jaana and Kia said...

Time for another mystery week! Can you guess today's theme? Clue: be creative. ;)

And as always, thank you so much for your visits and comments, we appreciate each and everyone of them! Happy September!

inger said...

Hi..perhabs lil piece..or favorite cake??
love bluebeer cake and also chokolatecake...lovely..
hugz inger

cristina said...

what's about the following:
.sunset or dawn
.something soft
... more ? :)
congratulations on your beautiful shots

lunarossa said...

(or maybe sweet tooth???)
Ciao. A.

Terry said...

I don't know what the theme is, but can I have a taste of both? LOL

Jessica @ Colorado Crafter said...

hmm, I'll have to say the uncreative thing and say: Cake.

Or chocolate?

Annette said...

Hi, ladies.
Mmm, yummy! Too yummy, I think I gained weight just by looking at the pics;)
Thanks for inviting me, I surely love your photos.

mikeacoyle said...

Yummy, give me a piece of both please!

Darylynn said...

Don't know what the clue was but but I'd say decadently delicious! (((Hugz)))

Anonymous said...


Jaana and Kia said...

Wednesday's mystery theme was 'mud'.
You can imagine how funny it has been to find out that both of us had thought about what is called a “mud cake” in our respective towns.

enterrement de vie de jeune fille Paris said...

Très réaliste... je sens presque l'odeur du chocolat!


х_Пишущий_Копытом_х said...

This one is the best xD